About Us

Perfect Health for Life's was started to educate people and to promote the message that individuals must take personal responsibility for their own health.  In matters of health and wellness people can’t abdicate their Life and Health into someone’s hands, who they see on a limited basis once every two or three months.   God gave us the responsibility to care for ourselves.  We at Perfect Health don’t believe that we don’t need doctors, but that we need to understand what are the best methods to attain and longer and healthier life.  To help People fulfill this goal we provide a comprehensive health and wellness program, health and wellness information, educational curricula, fully integrated health products, and lifetime supportive follow-ups.

Our goal is not to gain every person into this idea, just the ones that are sick and tired, of being sick and tired.  Everyone should have a right to choose.  Some people believe that modern medicine is the panacea of health,  I have always believed that what God has made, and what mankind has used for thousands of years, can’t be discounted by less than 150 years of modern medicine.

We Invite you to try a different way, not give up modern medicine, but to give Foundational Medicine a chance to help you in your life.   The results and benefits might surprise  and astound you, and make a profound difference in your life, health and longevity.


With Regards,

 Dr. James N. Hopkins NMD


Perfect Health for Life