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Perfect Vita-Min (Formerly Aloe-Min)

Perfect Vita-Min is a high potency daily supplement containing a nutrient-rich mineral, vitamin, and herbal formulation in a “super food” base solution of antioxidant-strong Aloe-Vera gel. Developed exclusively for ‘Perfect Health 4 Life’ by Doctors who are natural health practitioners, and who have been developing products through scientific and practical applications of natural and foundational medicine protocols for decades. This supplement provides a solid platform of reliable nutritional support for health and quality conscious individuals who desire to reach and maintain optimal health and wellness goals.
The health benefits of high-quality Aloe Vera gel (as differentiated from Aloe Vera juice) have been observed scientifically in global research for decades and empirically in organized cultures for over two millennia. Aloe Vera gel typically contains at least 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, and 20 active enzymes. Specific ingredients, including the Aloe Vera, were chosen for their significant antioxidant protection. This recipe incorporates other plant-derived ingredients, including an array of essential nutrients and phytonutrient components.
Low impact, high-yield extraction processes assure no component of this formula is diminished in potency, efficacy, or bioavailability. Small batch production processes assure VITA-MIN is always fresh.
Unlike many products on the market today, it delivers quality natural nutrients and great flavor.
It’s just what your body needs!
This product was formerly named "Aloe-min".