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How did Perfect Health 4 Life get started?

James Hopkins, NMD was motivated to study Naturopathy when his first wife became terminally ill.  His profound desire to save her life led him to pursue natural medicine studies by becoming a Doctor of Natural Medicine.  He was looking for a method to educate as many people as he could in the way of natural medicine.  Dr. Hopkins started a radio program “Perfect Health Today” in 1998 with Dr. Larry McDade NMD who was the head of the Naturopathic School that Dr. Hopkins attended to receive his Degree.  When Dr. McDade moved away Dr. Hopkins continued doing the radio program on his own for 18 years.

Dr. Hopkins created Perfect Health for Life in 2013 as a direct marketing company with several amazing products and a desire to help people take charge of their own health and life.  His association includes a consortium of scientists and doctors from around the world.  Together they have advanced the methods and results of natural medicine to include the products Perfect Male, Perfect Woman, Aloe Min, Cellular Defense and many more PH4L products.  The company made a slight name change in 2016 to Perfect Health 4 Life.

Our Experts

Paul G Wilke, DDS, AIAOMT, ACN, AIABDM has been practicing dentistry in San Antonio for 38 years.  He is a graduate of Texas A&M University and Baylor College of Dentistry.  For over 30 years, Dr. Wilke has practiced biologic dentistry to improve his patients’ health and quality of life.  As an accredited clinical nutritionist, Dr. Wilke shares Dr. Hopkins enthusiasm of natural medicine and together their passion to help other peoples’ health is evident by his dedication to the company’s success.  He has become a staple to the management and direction of Perfect Health 4 Life.

As a result of their commitment and contacts, Dr. Hopkins and Dr. Wilke attracted a group of doctors and scientists from several disciplines to join and contribute their experience and expertise to this effort to educate and train people to make better choices and seek superior outcomes, by taking charge of their own health and life.

Dr. Hopkins and Dr. Wilke brought on board several excellent management people including, Guy W. Douglas Sr. who has been appointed to the position of President of the company.  Guy brings years of experience and a dynamic perspective to the direction of the company.  Derek Bain, Vicki O’Neill and several other talented people have joined this important mission to help as many people as they can to attain to Perfect Health 4 Life.

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It's all about the ingredients

At Perfect Health 4 Life, we go to great lengths to ensure we use only natural ingredients in our products.