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Mission Statement

To provide EXCELLENCE in quality, service and access to products where the ONLY side effects are improved health & wellness along with the opportunity to financial freedom!

About Us

Perfect Health 4 Life was founded in 2013. From the beginning it was about bringing high quality products as well as knowledge to everyone so that they ‘Can take control of their own health’. As the company evolved over the years this mission has just grown stronger and more clear. We’ve searched the world over for the best products to help develop a stronger, healthier and financially secure future. Are you ready to join our mission?

Our Team


Guy Douglas

President, Perfect Health 4 Life

Guy Douglas was born and raised in NYC and has an extensive and diverse background. His education is in Aerospace Technology and worked as a Top Secret aircraft mechanic for the United States Government as his first real job. But soon realized his passion was business. He spent many years working in various business environments like the NBA, FOX TV and Politics. He eventually learned he had another passion of living a healthy life. So what better place for him to be with a 30 year business career and a passion of health, then to lead Perfect Health 4 Life in to the future!
Guy is an amazing father to 3 adult children. He is also the very proud Papa (Grandpa) to, so far, 3 awesome grandkids.

Dr. Paul Wilke

Director of Product Development and Doctor's Board, Perfect Health 4 Life

Dr Paul Wilke is a native of San Antonio and graduated from Texas A&M and Baylor College of Dentistry. He has been in practice since 1980. He soon learned about the toxicity of typical dental procedures such as mercury amalgam fillings, root canals, crowns made with nickel and beryllium, and titanium aluminum implants. He is one of the first US dentists to be Board Certified in Biologic Dentistry and also holds a Clinical Nutrition certification. He is one of the first US dentists to use Zirconia ceramic implants.
Dr Wilke teamed up with Dr Hopkins shortly after PH4L was formed. He has been happily married to Connie for 40 years, they have four grown children, and is a leader at Christian Family Church. His hobby is building and driving race cars.

Amanda Hopkins

Founder, Perfect Health 4 Life

Natural health solutions have been a field of interest for Amanda since she was 14, when she became ill with black mold infestation, systemically. Despite the resulting health challenges, she worked her way up in the hotel industry to become General Manager of hotels and is a Certified Hotel Administrator. With the help of the Perfect Health 4 Life products she was able to resolve her mold infestation as well as several other health issues that developed over the years. Since then she has been part of researching additional products, purchasing, helping with customer service and the daily routines of running PH4L.
In 2014 she was seriously injured and the result was Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. She was unable to speak, see in bright light or walk. Perfect Woman has been her saving grace and has helped her be able to recover. She will always have brain damage but Perfect Woman has helped her be a mother to her young children, Juli and JT, and she continues to support PH4L to a limited degree. Amanda strongly believes in Perfect Woman as well as all the Perfect Health 4 Life products because of personal experiences.

Derek Bain

Senior Vice President of Distributor Development, Perfect Health 4 Life

Derek Bain was taught at a young age by his mom how to treat people well and how to be a good man. In high school he learned how to work hard for the things you want. He loved basketball! He was such a talented basketball player that when he graduated high school, he had over 70 Division 1 scholarship offers for basketball. He selected Creighton University where they won the Missouri Valley Conference tournament his first year and then he graduated from St. Mary's University with a degree in Marketing and Finance. He went on the be a financial advisor and was promoted to the Regional Vice President position within 2 years. He has an unbelievable way of getting people to like and trust him. His ultimate desire is to help people.
He is a father of three beautiful and smart daughters. He teaches them how to respect their bodies and to use their minds to critically think in any situation. He has been in network marketing for over 20 years and has trained hundreds of people better their life through self-improvement. Currently, he is a motivational speaker/college recruiter.

Vicki O’Neill

Executive Team Member, Perfect Health 4 Life

Vicki is from Sydney, Australia. After graduating from University, she worked as an auditor for a chartered accounting firm followed by 9 years in the group accounts department of a large global media company. She moved to San Antonio, Texas where she worked from home for the same media company which is based in New York. Her responsibilities included maintaining several internal and external websites for the company.
After retiring (early) from working life, Vicki has followed her passion of learning about natural health. This led her to Perfect Health 4 Life where she is a member of the Executive Team and supports the website and other corporate needs.

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